Laboratory Equipments

Liquid chromatography systems, Media and Columns, Isoelectric Focusing Systems, Vertical Electrophoresis, Horizontal Electrophoresis, Blotting Systems, Mutation Analysis, Power Supplies, Sample Quantitation(Cell Counting, Spectrophotometry), Amplification/PCR, Transfection Systems, Imaging Instruments

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Molecular Biology Materials

Molecular Biology Kits, Enzymes and Proteins, Assay Kits

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Plastic Consumables

Histology and Pathology, Liquid Handling, Specimen Collection, Microbiology, Sample Centrifugation, Tube Racks, PCR Tubes, Cryogenic, Drosophila

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Consumable Chemicals

Supplying wide range of high-quality chemicals from all over the world

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Our capabilities

Laboratory Equipments 40%
Molecular Biology 30%
Plastic Consumables 20%
Consumable Chemicals 10%

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About us

Health Gene Lab Company was founded in 2014 in Tehran, Iran in order to do commercial and economical activities such as purchasing, sales, procurement and production of laboratory instrument and chemicals. -We have built our reputation on the ability to deliver quality products, with competitive pricing and excellent services. We are commitment to our company’s motto ‘’ In Our Business Customer Is the King’’.

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  • Unit. 5, No. 17, Alley 47, Jahanara St., Yousef Abad Ave., Tehran-Iran
  • 88067785 & 021-88067861
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